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Posted by on in News

Due to the Imperial succession in Japan, the annual ‘Golden Week’ holiday period has been extended to 10 days. As a result the non-dealing days on impacted funds will extend from Friday 26 April until Monday 6 May 2019 inclusive. This means investors will be unable to buy, sell or switch shares or units in affected funds until dealing recommences on Tuesday 7 May 2019.  


This applies to:  

Aberdeen Japan Equity Enhanced Index Fund  

Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund  

Aberdeen Japan Equity Tracker Fund  

SLI Japan Trust   

SLI Japanese Equity Growth Fund  

SLMT Standard Life Japan   


For a full list of affected Share Classes including codes, please see the attached Excel document. Here

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Please be aware of the upcoming merger, as communicated in the mailing to the existing unitholders on 22/03/2019, ASI have proposed that the Donor funds merge into the Host funds as detailed in the brief sheet below.

Unitholders were invited to vote at the EGM on 12/04/2019, and following approval of the proposal, the merger will take place with the effective date of 03/05/2019.

Electronic Re-registrations will be restricted in the Donor funds from 12:00 on 25/04/2019, it will be possible to instruct re-registrations by fax, telephone or post up to 12:00 on 02/05/19.

Donor fund repurchase instructions that are received after 12:00 on 02/05/19 will be dealt into the Host fund for value date 07/05/19.

Donor fund instructions to invest that are received after the cut off; 12:00 on 02/05/2019 will be rejected.

Donor Funds

Host Funds

MyFolio Multi Manager Income I Fund

MyFolio Multi Manager I Fund

MyFolio Managed Income I Fund

MyFolio Managed I Fund

MyFolio Managed Income II Fund

MyFolio Managed II Fund

MyFolio Managed Income III Fund

MyFolio Managed III Fund

MyFolio Managed Income IV Fund

MyFolio Managed IV Fund

MyFolio Managed Income V Fund

MyFolio Managed V Fund

MyFolio Multi Manager Income V Fund

MyFolio Multi Manager V Fund

Should you have any queries on this communication please contact the DST Distributor Client Services Team, our contact details can be found by clicking here.

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Posted by on in News

Man GLG has appointed Bank of New York Mellon as its UK Transfer Agent and will replace DST as administrator effective from 29 April 2019.

In preparation for this change, we will not be releasing Cheque payments for any trades due to settle on or after 15th April 2019. For any payments that are due to be released by Cheque, we will be in contact to arrange for the payment to be released electronically.

STP Trading – EMX & CTN

Electronic trading via EMX and CTN will be temporarily suspended in line with the below valuation points;

12pm VP – Suspended from 12pm 25 April 2019 due to Japan Golden Week:

Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Fund Retail Acc Shares (Class A) GB00B0119933
Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Fund Retail Income Shares (Class B) GB00B3F46Y30
Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Fund Prof Acc Shares (Class C) GB00B0119B50
Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Fund Prof Income Shares (Class D) GB00B3F47512
Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Fund Inst Acc Shares (Class E) GB00B0119C67

5pm cut off - Suspended from 5pm 25 April 2019:

Man Dynamic Allocation Professional Accumulation Class C GB00BDTYMJ68
Man Dynamic Allocation Prof Acc Sterling Hedged Class CH GB00BDTYNF95
Man Dynamic Allocation Professional Income Class D GB00BDTYNG03
Man Dynamic Allocation Prof Income Sterling Hedged Class DH GB00BDTYNH10
Man Dynamic Allocation Institutional Accumulation Class E GB00BDTYNJ34

All other funds administered by DST with 12pm VP – Suspended from 12pm 26 April 2019.

We will be closing Electronic Re-Registration for Man GLG between 22 April 2019 and 26 April 2019 (inclusive). Any electronic trades submitted after the above suspension times will be automatically rejected.

STP Settlement CTN Net Settlement

We will be closing CTN Net Settlement for Man GLG between 22 April 2019 and 26 April 2019 (inclusive). The last traded Valuation Point to settle via CTN Net Settlement will be 19 April 2019. Please see the below links for bank details for manual settlement of trades placed between these dates:


Please ensure you have made all relevant internal parties aware of these changes and updates are made in line with the dates above.

DST are unable to comment on the operation under the new administrators however, should you have any queries on this communication please contact the DST Distributor Client Services Team, our contact details can be found by clicking here.

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Posted by on in News

From 29 April to 6 May 2019 the Tokyo Stock Exchange will be closed during Japan’s Golden Week holiday, which is longer than usual to mark the abdication of Japan’s emperor.

The Japanese Equity team will be unable to trade and pricing issues may arise, Invesco have marked the days of Golden Week as non-dealing days for both the
Invesco Japan Fund (UK) and the Invesco Japanese Smaller Companies Fund (UK).

No prices will be issued for the funds on these days, and any dealing instructions received from 12 noon on Thursday 25 April 2019 to Monday 6 May 2019 will be processed at 12 noon on Tuesday 7 May 2019.

You can download a copy of the client mailings

Fund facts as at 28 February 2019

Fund name: Invesco Japan Fund (UK) Launch date: 7 May 1988 Fund size: £289.6m  


Share types               SEDOL            ISIN                MEXID     Citi Codes  

Accumulation                3302811     GB0033028118     PPJG           PE29  

Accumulation (No Trail) B3RS847     GB00B3RS8478     BRIVSC       FCW0  

Y (Accumulation)          BJ04J30      GB00BJ04J309      BRAAHR      K63C  

Z (Accumulation)          B8N44W4    GB00B8N44W47   BRGAAR      GUVL  


Fund name: Invesco Japanese Smaller Companies Fund (UK) Launch date: 6 September 1983 Fund size: £61.8m  


Share types                SEDOL            ISIN                MEXID     Citi Codes  

Accumulation                 3303041       GB0033030411     BRJSA       BR26  

Accumulation (No Trail)   B3RSBS2     GB00B3RSBS25     BRPPTC     FCT0  

Y (Accumulation)            BJ04J52       GB00BJ04J523      BRAAHT    K63D  

Z (Accumulation)            B8N46G2     GB00B8N46G29     BRJASM     GUXW  


Should you have any questions or require additional information please contact your Relationship Manager.
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