Further to the recent mailing to notify current Donor shareclass unitholders of the proposed event, subject to their approval, dealing in the donor shareclasses will cease from 12:00 on 28/07/2020. The merger of the holdings in the donor shareclass with the holdings in the host shareclasses listed below will take place over the weekend of 01/08/2020 with the effective date of 31/07/2020.

Fax and postal dealing instructions for the host shareclasses that are received after 12:00 on 31/07/2020 will be held until open of business on 03/08/2020 whereupon they will be processed into the 12:00 VP for value date 03/08/2020. STP dealing in the Host shareclasses will be paused from 12:00 on 31/07/2020 until open of business on 03/08/2020.

Update to original post:
*As of 30 July 2020, the Invesco Income Fund (UK) will be renamed to the Invesco UK Equity Income Fund (UK)

Please contact the Distributor Client Services Team with any queries related to this event, our contact details can be found by clicking here.