The following changes will be made to Jupiter Distribution Fund with effect from 7 September 2021:

  1. a) the name of the fund will change to “Jupiter Multi-Asset Income Fund”;
  2. b) the investment objective will be amended to: a. clarify that the fund aims to provide regular income; and b. remove the target benchmark of 25% FTSE All-Share, 37.5% BAML GBP 1-10 year corporate bond index, 37.5% BAML GBP 10-15 year corporate bond index and replace it with a performance comparator of 10% FTSE All-Share, 15% MSCI World (unhedged), 75% ICE BAML Global Corporate Index (hedged to GBP);
  3. c) the investment policy will be amended to: a. require a minimum of 60% to be invested in fixed income and/or cash/liquid investments and/or collective investment schemes which themselves invest mainly in fixed income securities; b. increase the limit that may be invested in high yield bonds to 25%; c. remove the 10% limit on investments in other collective schemes; d. require a minimum of 50% in UK investments or hedged back to GBP; and e. allow the use of derivatives for investment purposes;
  4. d) the level of gross leverage that the fund is not expected to exceed will increase from 0% to 450%;
  5. e) 100% of charges will be permitted to be deducted from capital (currently only 50% of the annual management charge and 100% of the other charges are deduced from capital); and
  6. f) the list of eligible markets in which the fund may invest will be updated.


We anticipate there will be portfolio transaction costs associated with making these changes of approximately 0.2% which will be borne by the fund.


Fund name




Jupiter Distribution Fund I class (accumulation)






Jupiter Distribution Fund I class (income)






Jupiter Distribution Fund J class (accumulation)






Jupiter Distribution Fund J class (income)






Jupiter Distribution Fund L class (accumulation)






Jupiter Distribution Fund L class (income)







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