Further to the recent mailing to notify current Donor shareclass unitholders of the proposed event, subject to their approval, dealing in the donor shareclasses will be suspended after the 12:00 VP on 23/07/2020 to allow the holdings in the donor shareclasses to be merged into the host shareclass  detailed in the table below.

Electronic Stock and plan transfers  will be restricted from 17:00 on 17/07/2020, it will still be possible to place re-registration deals by submitting a fax instruction.

The merger effective date will be 24/07/2020.

Investors will be able to place deals in the Host unitholding from open of business on 27/07/2020.

Donor share class

Donor ISIN

Host share class


SLI Pan European Trust Institutional Acc


SLI European Trust II Fund SL Acc


Merger Ratio