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Following the launch of the Invesco Perpetual Summit Growth Fund range, which will price separately from our current range, the Deal Confirmation report will now be run in two stages to capture Invesco Perpetual funds as they are priced:  

  • First report will be available from 15:45 this will capture all funds, apart from the Invesco Perpetual Summit Growth funds
  • A final day report will be available once all funds in the same VP have been priced
Should you require any further information, our contact details can be found here.
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Please click here for more information on the BMO Institutional Fund Closures.

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Please click here for more information on the BMO Global Bond Fund Closure.

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Please click here for more information on the Fund Partners Tatton Offload.
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A proposal to merge the Fund into Old Mutual UK Alpha Fund, a sub-fund of Old Mutual Investment Funds Series I  (“the New Fund”) was approved at a meeting of unitholders on 8th June 2018. Dealing in the Fund’s units will be suspended from midday on Wednesday 13 June 2018, and corresponding shares in the New Fund will be issued on Friday 15 June 2018. Dealing in shares of the New Fund will commence on Monday 18th June.

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With effect from 2 July 2018 Invesco will be removing the entry charge from the No Trail, Z, X and Y share classes across the entire Invesco Perpetual ICVC fund range.

To make this change the EMX and CTN service will not be available post 12 midday Friday 29 June 2018, please hold any trades and ensure they are submitted on Monday 2 July, when system access will resume at 8am.           

Although this is an amendment that Invesco have to notify you of, there will effectively be no change, as previously you have been receiving a full discount on the entry charge.

You can find codes of all the funds affected here.

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Please be advised as a holder of accumulation shares, the distribution frequency of your investment(s) is changing.  
Neptune is continually looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the funds and we believe that it is in our clients’ best interests to reduce the distribution frequency of accumulation share classes to once per annum.  
Distribution costs are borne by the funds. By reducing the distribution frequency of accumulation share classes to annual, the overall costs of running the fund(s) will fall and this will be reflected by a lower OCF (ongoing charge figure).  
As income is wrapped up into the price of accumulation share classes on a daily basis, we do not envisage any negative impact to clients arising from this change. This change will become effective on 30th June 2018. No further interim distributions will take place on accumulation share classes from this date onwards.
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Please click here for further information on the BlackRock change of administration.
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Standard Life Investments are undertaking activities to reduce the number of active product codes on their register.

In order to complete this work a number of Re-Registration Out and Re-Registration In transactions will be placed to move fund holdings from the old product to the new product on 23 June 2018 using the VP of 22 June 2018. These transactions will show on DOLR on Monday 25 June 2018

STP trading will be temporarily suspended after the trading cut-off on Friday 22 June 2018 and will be available from 8am on Monday 25 June.

This change will affect trades submitted via CTN & EMX from 25 June.  CTN will be updated to place trades on the new product however, for EMX, please ensure you update your internal systems to use the NEW product code as below.

Should a trade be submitted using the old product code, this will be rejected. You will need to resubmit a corrected order before the dealing cut-off for the relevant fund.

All other product codes remain unaffected.

All dealing in Aberdeen Asset Management Funds also remain unaffected.

Should you have any queries on this communication please contact the DST Distributor Client Services Team, our contact details can be found by clicking here.

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During Aviva Investors system updates related to their move to a zero initial charge basis for their funds (excluding US Equity Income), a number of automated income and tax credit reinvestments have been incorrectly processed on the retail share classes of the Aviva Investors UK Property fund with the initial charge remaining in the price. If you have any impacted reinvestments, please note these will be corrected as soon as possible and confirmation of the amendment sent to you.
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Please click here for full details
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Please click here for further details
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Fund Partners Limited would like to make you aware that the below FP CRUX Funds will from Investor Administration Solutions Limited (IASL) to DST Financial Services Europe Limited (DST).  In order to facilitate the transition, dealing into the below funds will be suspended by IASL from 12pm on 25th May 2018 in order to facilitate the TA move:


Sub-Fund Name


Unit Type

Share Class Currency



FP CRUX Global Fund






FP CRUX Global Fund






FP CRUX Global Fund































Dealing into the above funds will resume with DST from 9am on 29th May 2018. 


Please note that from Tuesday 29th May, orders will need to be routed through EMX participant ID “IFDS” or Calastone BIC reference “CLAOGB2LFPW”.  From 29th May, all queries should be directed through DST and settlement of all trades placed from this date should be settled to the below bank account:


Bank Account Name

Bank Account Number

Sort Code

Swift Number

BIC Number


Fund Partners Dealing Account






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M&G Securities Limited is changing the name, investment objective and investment policy of the M&G European Smaller Companies Fund with effect from 25 May 2018.        
These changes are summarised as:        
  • The Fund will be renamed the ‘M&G Pan European Select Smaller Companies Fund’.        
  • The Fund’s investment objective and policy will be split into specific statements and will better reflect what the fund sets out to do.        
  • The Fund’s performance comparator will be clarified as the EMIX Smaller European Companies Index.        

All share classes of the fund are affected and are shown below with market identifiers. There are no other changes to the fund or its risk rating and there will be no changes to the way that the fund is managed. 

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Please click here for further details.
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Please be advised that Standard Life Investments will be open for dealing on Monday 28 May.

This is a trading day however it will not be treated as a settlement day as this is a UK bank holiday.

Please see the below breakdown which confirms VP and settlement dates:

We would be grateful if you could set expectations with your dealing/reconciliation/settlements teams to avoid unnecessary enquiries.
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DST are aware in a delay to the pricing of Invesco funds today (4 May).

Prices will not be delivered in time for deal confirmation to be completed today via CTN, EMX or DOLR.

We anticipate that deal confirmations will be available on the morning of Tuesday 8 May. 

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With effect from 14 May 2018 (the effective date), the Fund will be managed by a different portfolio manager from our European investment team. As a result of this, on the effective date the Fund will be renamed Schroder European Recovery Fund and its investment policy will be amended. 

Please note that the Fund’s investment objective, universe and risk profile will be unchanged. The Fund will continue to hold a similar number of companies but there will be some changes to the Fund’s portfolio of holdings.  

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Results of Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) – JPM US Fund   

At an EGM of shareholders held on 13th April 2018 the resolution to consider the scheme of arrangement to merge JPM US Fund with JPM US Select Fund, as per the terms set out in a document dated 26th February and addressed by JPMorgan Funds Limited to shareholders, was approved.   
This merger will be effective from 28th April 2018.

Please click here for more information.
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UPDATE: 15:55

At this time, CTN pricing messages are being issued within the usual time frame.

We will continue to monitor the situation

Please be aware that there is currently a delay in the issue of pricing messages through our connection with Calastone.

Messages are being issued, but more slowly then usual. If your pricing confirmation is outstanding, we recommend you check your Distributor Online reports.
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