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Please be aware that due to market volatility, we are experiencing a delay in pricing on some funds today. 

This will delay Calastone and EMX pricing messages, and deal confirmation reports from the Distributor Portal.

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Suspension of dealing lifted

As you will be aware, trades that you placed between 1200hrs 17th February 2020 and 0800hrs 21st  February 2020 have not been accepted. During this period, dealing in the fund was formally suspended. This suspension on dealing has now been lifted and trading will be accepted from 0800 21st February 2020 .

Recognising that your circumstances may have changed in the interim period, we would request that any intended trades be re-instructed.  Instructions received prior to dealing cut-off on Friday 21st February 2020, will be settled with a shortened settlement cycle of T+1.  Transactions that are not resubmitted will remain rejected.

Please note that regardless of when your original trade was rejected, the redemption value of any rejected trade will be calculated based on the fund’s Valuation Point for the trading day on which it is re-instructed.


An unusually large redemption request has led BMO Global Asset Management to temporarily suspend dealing in the BMO Global Equity Market Neutral V10 Fund. Whilst the Fund remains able to meet its liquidity obligations, doing so would leave remaining investors temporarily over-exposed to the underlying investment strategy. To mitigate this temporary risk, BMO GAM has taken the decision, acting in the best interests of investors, to temporarily suspend dealing in the Fund, with a view to resuming dealing from Friday, 21 February 2020.  

In the interim, BMO GAM is taking various measures to mitigate any further impact for investors from this, and any further possible redemptions and, from  today, has removed the Annual Management Charge (AMC) on the Fund.

See original communication below:


Important information  

We have been notified by BMO that they have temporarily suspended trading in the below fund(s):

Fund Name ISIN SEDOL Effective Date Effective Time
BMO Global Equity Market Neutral V10 C Acc GB00BY7S9K74 BY7S9K7 18/02/2020 12:00
BMO Global Equity Market Neutral V10 3 Acc GB00BY7S9L81 BY7S9L8 18/02/2020 12:00
BMO Global Equity Market Neutral V10 3 Inc GB00BDGT6Q93 BDGT6Q9 18/02/2020 12:00


What happens now?

Deals received for these funds from the effective date and time will be cancelled / rejected. The fund suspension will continue until further notice.

For further information please refer to the BMO website.



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Units in the Jupiter Unit Trust range may be bought and sold on any business day on which the London Stock Exchange is open. Some Unit Trust funds will be exposed to other stock exchanges that may be closed, restricted or suspended for trading and settlement on UK business days. Such closures, restrictions or suspensions will be treated as designated non-dealing days for funds which invest a substantial amount of their portfolio on stock exchanges outside of the UK.

On these designated non-dealing days, no subscriptions or redemptions will be accepted. Please note that any dealing instruction submitted on these days will be carried forward to the next business day for processing, and that these changes apply to all share classes of the applicable funds named below.

The designated non-dealing days for 2020 are listed below:

Jupiter Japan Income
2 January, 3 January, 4 May, 5 May, 6 May, 23 July, 24 July, 21 September and 22 September..

Jupiter Asian Fund
27 January, 28 January, 1 October and 2 October.

Jupiter Asian Income Fund
27 January, 28 January, 1 October and 2 October.

Jupiter China Fund
27 January, 28 January, 1 October and 2 October.
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As part of our commitment to our investors, we regularly review our range of funds to ensure that they remain able to meet the needs of our investors and are appropriate in the current market place. As a result of this review we will be making the following changes to the funds, effective 1st January 2020:  
· Change of name  
· Change of investment objective to reflect change of name  
· Change in income distribution frequency from quarterly to monthly and the ability to smooth income distribution across an accounting period  
· Reduction in Annual Management Charges (AMCs) on the Retail, Institutional and Platform 1 share classes.  
Please refer to the below mailings which were issued to all clients 1st November 2019 for further detail and contact us if you require any further information.

Aberdeen MyFolio II Client Letter
Aberdeen MyFolio III Client Letter
Aberdeen MyFolio IV Client Letter
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