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AML Guidelines

Anti-money laundering (AML) regulations require us to maintain up to date client information on an on-going basis and where relevant obtain details of controllers and beneficial owners.

To help us meet our regulatory and legal requirements, please see the Sub Type document (to the right) which details a number of different entity classifications. We will verify your organisation based on this classification.

Once you have confirmed the Sub Type of your firm, you are then able to refer to the Documents Guidelines which lists the required documentation for your entity. Please send original or certified documents to the relevant Fund Groups adminstration address along with the Sub Type selection form clearly showing your selected Sub Type.

Where a Letter of Assurance is required a template is provided on the right of this page.

Anti-money laundering regulations prevent us from releasing proceeds without first having obtained verification documents, and may result in a delay in our acceptance of further funds.

What is a Corporate Sub Type

A corporate sub type is a way of classifying an entity which indicates their ownership structure and how they are regulated.

Who is a Beneficial Owner

The Beneficial Owners are those who own or control more than 25% of the voting rights or are entitled to more than 25% of the company’s profits. The ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) must be a natural person. Depending on the corporate sub-type, the list of documentation guidelines will state if Beneficial Owner details are required (Full List of Directors and shareholders).

Example of Corporate Sub Type form vs AML Guidelines

In the below example corporte sub type 1 has been selected, this means that the AML documentation under section 1 should be supplied from the AML Guidelines