Document Upload

Update 10 June 2021

Application Form added to Document Upload

With effect from 10 June 2021 Application Forms will be an available document type via the upload service. When uploading an application form for an approved Fund Group you will have 2 options

  • Application Form - With Deal
  • Application Form - without Deal

Where a deal is included you must select the 'with deal' option to ensure your deal gets the next available VP.

Please refer to the matrix below to see the Fund Groups supporting this new document type.

A full list of supported documents can be found by clicking here

Original Article


Following the success of the stock transfer upload service, SS&C have been working with our Fund Groups to allow additional documents to be uploaded via the Secure Distributor Portal. We are pleased to announce that from 26 August we will be adding additional functionality for a pilot set of Fund Groups.

These new documents include:

  • AML Documents
  • Coverall Forms
  • Distribution Mandate
  • Dealing instructions
  • ISA Transfers

At this stage it is for a Pilot set of Fund Groups, and all Fund Groups are not supporting all document types, but to help a matrix is accessible which shows which Fund Group will support each of the document types.

Please Note - this does not replace our BAU service of accepting these documents via post; this is an extension (and hopefully you agree an improvement) to our BAU service.

Additionally, ONLY these document types will be accepted via upload, all other document type transmission methods remains as previous requirements.

Supported Documents Matrix

To use the service please login to the Secure Distributor Portal and navigate to the ‘Documents’ section. For further detail on how to use this service, please refer to the DCS Help Centre .

Please regularly review this matrix for additional fund groups and document types being added to this service.

Stock Transfer E-Mail Service

In addition to the upload function SS&C continue to support E-mail Stock Transfers for the Fund Groups detailed in the above matrix. No additional documents are supported for these fund groups at this stage.

Click here for details of how this service operates

Please note that Thesis have moved to the Upload function for Stock Transfers from 2 September. Any e-mail requests after 5pm on 8 September will be rejected.

Fund Groups not supporting Upload or E-Mail

There remain a small number of Fund Groups who do not support Document Uploads or E-Mail Stock Transfers. Please refer to the matrix for further details.