Fax Back Guide

When should I use it?

You can use fax-back confirmation as proof that you sent a fax, and to verify the time and date of transmission to the receiving party. Once set-up, the service will provide you with an automated response including: an image of the first page of the transmission, the total number of pages sent, and if the fax was successful.

How do I set up fax back confirmation?

The fax back will only trigger if you (the sender) have your fax machine/server configured to provide the calling line identification, known more commonly as the CLIN. The CLIN should contain your (the sender’s) fax machine number and this should be configurable by your IT Team or Fax Server owner.

Can I still call to confirm my fax has been received?

You shouldn’t need to – as the sender, you can use the copy of the original fax displayed on the fax confirmation for assurance that the transmission was successful. Remember, it’s your responsibility to monitor each fax back confirmation to identify all successful and unsuccessful transmissions. Plus it’s your responsibility to ensure your instruction is received by SS&C before a dealing cut off point.

What is the expected time frame that a fax back should be received?

This should be received within 30 minutes.

How do I know if my transmission has been unsuccessful?

The fax back will tell you about a transmission error which will be noted on the response. In this instance your fax should be re-sent using the fax numbers available under Contact Us.

Is the fax back service only able to be set up on the “Sender” machine or can this be sent to an alternative fax number?

This will reply to whichever number is configured in the senders CLIN number.

Why haven’t I received a fax back confirmation?

1. A fax back confirmation will not be provided should the original fax fail before leaving the sender
2. If the CLIN is blank a fax back will not be sent as the system will not know where to send the fax back to
3. If the CLIN contains the wrong number, an attempt to send the fax will be made but will not be received
4. If your fax line is busy; the service will try 3 times to send a fax

When will my trade(s) be placed?

To ensure you receive the correct trade date, please refer to the Dealing Cut Off times available in the “Trade and Settlement” information under Fund Groups. Please ensure any faxed instructions are received by SS&C ahead of these times.